Lincoln Studios is a film company that aims to put Lincoln on the map as the centre of the UK movie industry. We specialise in all genres of film - drama, horror, sci-fi, erotic thrillers and comedy. Featuring a raft of talented actors, stars in the making. All of them based in the Lincoln area.

And now, for the first time ever we bring you a Lincoln Studios action movie TOWPATH! featuring fighting and stunts that will blow your mind!!!!!!

Plus you can watch all our previous releases on the Films page!!!!!! White knuckle revenge movie BIG AND BLONDE AND SEVEN MONTHS GONE! The amazing DITCH TRILOGY, cheeky feel-good movie EVERYBODY’S FRIEND, NOBODY’S FOOL! eye-opening coming-of-age drama ALIVE no-nonsense thriller THE LINCOLN TIGER reality-destroying horror THE BREEZE historical drama THE BALLAD OF MARTIN NELSON jaw-dropping erotic thriller CHINESE HEAT and sci-fi adventure PRAECOX.

Many more films to come, all featuring your favourite Lincoln Studios stars! Please email us to get on the mailing list and feel free to leave a comment.

Find out a little bit about our benefactor Derek Evans as well as the Lincoln Studios ethos by clicking here