Welcome Aaaaaaaah! About Derek Evans The Salon


Hello, my name is Derek Evans, co-owner of Ultimate Tan (formerly ‘The Suntan Centre’) and the man behind Lincoln Studios. I am the sole funder of our new feature film AAAAAAAAH! I will also be acting as press agent, as well as giving the actors lifts to and from cinemas, film festivals and awards ceremonies.

Apologies for the terrible photograph of me. An unfunny prank by my son who designed this bloody website and I haven’t got a clue how to get rid of it!!!

Anyway, welcome. First off I’d like to say how proud I am of the fantastic creative people who worked on Aaaaaaaah! Compared to them I play a small part. I’m just a tanning salon entrepreneur with a love of film. The man with the money. The man with a dream.

I’ve always worked for myself, and always loved being the underdog. Back in 1993 people laughed at me when I said I was going to open a tanning salon in Lincoln, that Lincoln didn’t need two salons. Well guess what, by 1994 I owned both! …With plans to open another in Grantham but I was let down by the contractors there.

This is why I know I can turn Lincoln into ‘The English Hollywood’. Some people think I’m a dickhead for saying that, but I would say... you’ve got to have a dream! And you have to start somewhere! At some point back in time, L.A. would have been a small market town at the end of the American equivalent of the A46.

After my breakdown in 1998, nobody expected me to get better, let alone go on to achieve so much. Getting into film making has helped me turn my life around. Last month my Doctor gave me a clean bill of health. I asked him “can I quote you on that?” and he said of course. So here are his exact words:

“I have no serious concerns about your mental health.”

Dr Rajinder Sodhi

So, keep checking in to this website, we’ll be giving you all the latest news about AAAAAAAAH! And feel free to join me in The Swan for a pint if you should be passing by. Your support is much appreciated in helping to make Lincoln Studios great.


Derek Evans